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Camera mount for Wolfbox WDR/Wide Angle camera

Camera mount for Wolfbox WDR/Wide Angle camera

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The UMF WDR Camera Mount is a clean and secure way to mount your Wolfbox WDR camera to your Go Fast Camper. 

As far as we know, this mount only works with this specific camera. That's the special WDR/Wide angle camera. Most Wolfbox cameras do not come with this camera by default. Please check which camera you have before placing an order. 

With this mount, wires can exit left, right, or middle (as pictured below from one of the beta tester's install). Left and right will present the least stress on the wiring, but middle looks really clean. Up to you! 

Here's a thread on the GFC Forums showing an install by Shadesbro - the very first install of this product and a super clean one.

The mount is manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer, it is UV resistant, matte finish, and built solid. We machine the two black anodized aluminum T-nuts in-house, and we even had custom stainless screws made with a special nylon patch to prevent them from vibrating loose. 

The mount comes with everything you need to install (a 3mm hex key, two black anodized T-nuts, and two locking screws), and nothing you don't. 


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