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The Lock Locker (Pair - Left and Right Side)

The Lock Locker (Pair - Left and Right Side)

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The Lock Locker explained in 60 seconds:

The UMF Lock Locker is a place to keep the Reese Towpower lock (buy here, or here-check stock) on your GFC camper. This listing is for a pair of Lock Lockers - a left and right hand version - for people who use two locks.

The Lock Locker is manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer, it is UV resistant, matte finish, and strong as hell. We machine the custom T-nuts in-house, and we even had custom stainless screws made with a special nylon patch to prevent them from vibrating loose.

The Lock Locker comes with everything you need to install (a 3mm hex key), and nothing you don't.

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